Recycling & Anti-Litter Education

The following programs are available to local schools, educators and groups.

Recycle Center Field Trip

The recycling center offers free educational tours to groups of all ages and size.  The tour takes about 20-30 minutes.  The group will see how the plant operates including the collection, sorting, storage and bailing of materials.  They will learn about the end products created from recyclable material and the benefits of the program to our city and environment.  This tour is incredibly interesting to earth friendly people and eye-opening to everyone.

Landfill Field Trip

The tour offers environmental education showing first-hand how a landfill operates.  This tour takes about 20-30 minutes.  The group will view a display explaining how a landfill is built, and learn what precautions are taken to protect our environment.  Watch the garbage truck empty a load and the landfill equipment bury and compact the garbage for an eye-opening awareness to our everyday actions.  Se first-hand our garbage taking up space in our city.

Biodiesel Plant Field Trip/Wastewater Treatment Plant

The biodiesel plant is located at the wastewater treatment plant.  The Biodiesel plant contains the collected cooking oil, process machines and biodiesel storage tanks.  The plant is not very big and will only take a few minutes to check out.  However, it is worth stopping by to see how they transform used cooking oil into a usable product (Biodiesel) and learn about the benefits the program has to our city and environment.  The wastewater plant can be toured to learn how city wastewater is collected and treated before it is released back into the environment.  The group will learn how natural processes are used for this clean-up.

Educational Partnerships

If a field trip is not possible, our environmental education program will travel.  There are presentations for all ages, pre-school to assisted living facilities.  An education outreach person will come to your location to give a developmentally appropriate presentation on topics including: recycling, landfill, anti-litter, or biodiesel.

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